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New Clients

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New food bank clients must provide provincial health cards for all household members as well as a proof of address. Power bills, rent receipts and leases are good examples of acceptable proof of address. In addition to food, clients are provided with some clothing and household items in the retail store at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the food bank?

  • The following must be provided on your first visit:
    • Health cards for ALL people in the household (these are not recorded)
    • Date of birth of each family member
    • Proof of address - a power bill, lease or rent receipt with your address are good examples of proof of address

How often can I receive assistance from the food bank?

  • Beacon House allows for a food order every thirty days. Your health card should be presented as a form of identification each time you visit.

What is in a food order?

  • We use guidelines prepared by Feed Nova Scotia. This allows for protein, fruits and vegetables, as available, to be placed in each order. Canned goods and cereal are also included. Your order size is determined by the number of people in your household.

Can I receive assistance for clothing and other supplies?

  • Clients receive one clothing voucher every 3 months (each quarter) to be used in the Beacon House retail store. Vouchers can be used ONLY in the month they are issued. Any unused vouchers must be given to the cashier within the month they were issued. The food bank can reissue the voucher, but clients must present identification and take a number.

Back to School Program:

Each school-aged member of the family is eligible to receive a backpack filled with school supplies each fall (supplies are based on the child’s grade). Adults returning to school are eligible for this program as well. The program runs from mid-August to mid-September.

Coat Program:

Special coat vouchers for use in the retail store are available to purchase winter coats for each family member and can be requested with your monthly order.

Nutrition Resources 

In order to assist Canadians living on low incomes obtain access to good quality, nutritious food, Food Banks Canada offers a number of resources that help people prepare healthy meals while working with a restricted budget.

Nutritional Resources