NEW ~ Hours of donation


Drop off will be 7:30 AM- 8:30 PM

Donation door will be closed after 8:30 PM


Beacon House relies on the donation of goods from the community to support our operations. Sales from our retail store are used to manage our society and operate the food bank.

Items in good condition that we CAN accept for donation include:

  • clothing, footwear and accessories 
  • purses, handbags, etc.
  • wedding dresses, prom dresses and accessories 
  • housewares (dishes, pots & pans, utensils, etc.)
  • ornaments, wall hangings and other home decor items 
  • bedding 
  • towels
  • curtains
  • cushions
  • small furniture 
  • small appliances 
  • tools 
  • books, magazines 
  • CDs and DVDs - undamaged, no scratches
  • LPs - if jacket & record in great shape
  • toys, games, puzzles  
  • Halloween costumes 
  • sporting goods and exercise equipment 

Note:  Items that cannot be accepted as donations must be disposed of by Beacon House at a cost of $75 per dumpster load, which is money that could, instead, be used to purchase food, maintain the site or contribute to salaries. Please help us keep our costs down by donating ONLY those items that we are able to accept. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Items we CANNOT accept as donations:  

  • rusty, scratched, faded, chipped or dirty dishes, pots & pans, tools, etc.
  • dishes, glasses, etc. with gold trim (that cannot be microwaved)
  • punch bowls
  • large sharp kitchen and hunting knives
  • plastic storage containers without lids
  • cookie or chocolate tins (we sell Christmas tins only)
  • shot glasses, beer steins, mugs with company logos
  • vacation souvenirs
  • opened or partially consumed food, shampoo, creams, etc.
  • footwear with holes, worn soles, scratched heels & toes
  • clothing that is dirty, torn, worn-out or has an odour
  • clothing that is obviously dated/out of style
  • wire hangers 
  • strollers, car seats and baby carriages (more that four years old)
  • baby cribs 
  • toys, games and puzzles with missing pieces 
  • university and school textbooks 
  • books that are moldy or have an odour 
  • hard-cover books without paper sleeves; paperbacks with torn or bent covers
  • magazines that are more than one year old
  • colouring/puzzle/sticker books that have used pages 
  • encyclopedia sets or atlases (more than five years old)
  • microwave ovens (more than five years old)
  • televisions 
  • computers, monitors and printers 
  • DVD players, VCRs, slide projectors/slide photo equipment
  • audio cassettes, 8-track tapes or beta video cassettes
  • CDs and DVDs without cases 
  • cell phones
  • mattresses 
  • large furniture items
  • large appliances such as washers and dryers
  • hazardous products (e.g. paint)
  • firearms, ammunition or hunting weapons 
  • automobile parts (tires, mufflers, fenders, etc.)
  • items in need of repair and broken items that are not in saleable condition

In short, please DO NOT donate anything that YOU would not pass on to a friend or relative to use or wear!
Thank you for your cooperation. The less we have to dispose of, the more funds we have to purchase food.