Wipe Away Hunger - Update

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 21:42
Wipe Hunger

Announcing now at Beacon House you can buy Wipe Away Hunger Wipes! 

No longer just for commercial customers our retail customers can now buy a 25 pound box of absorbent cleaning or automotive type rags at the Beacon House! Arrange for pick up through Rod 902-864-0547!

Beacon House is proud to announce we have started a partnership with Building FUTURES Employment Society.  This is a relationship of “neighbours helping neighbours”.    This project takes stained, worn out, non-saleable donations of cotton T-shirts, flannel items or any material that can be used to make absorbent, automotive type rags.   The material is “re-purposed” turning it into a needed saleable product, called wipers! 

Building FUTURES has the employee base and the space to make this project work.  Beacon House provides the machinery and the raw materials necessary to make these wipers. 

This is a wonderful partnering with charitable non-profits within our local community. This project will contribute to the development of work skills for people with disabilities.  We are initiating a recycling project - being environmental stewards, keeping textiles out of landfills.  

We are fortunate to have third party support from a local private company who sells to their customer base, and helps to deliver after sales are made. How could this partnership be anything but successful! 

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship that benefits all parties, but mainly those in need in this great community!